Desperately needed light at the end of the tunnel


The State Liberals have welcomed the release of the Finkel Report which offers a solution to the chaos and crisis that have engulfed South Australia’s electricity system under the Weatherill Government.

“With South Australians reeling from the news their electricity bills will skyrocket by another 18 per cent, Dr Finkel offers a desperately needed correction to Jay Weatherill’s energy policy catastrophe,” said Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“Dr Finkel has illuminated a path towards reduced electricity prices and increased reliability within a low emission framework.

“It is now critical that Jay Weatherill abandons his obsession with imposing a carbon tax upon South Australians and adopts an ideology free approach to energy policy.

“As it is, his mad rush to embrace renewable energy regardless of the cost has left South Australian families facing an average of $360 in their electricity bills next financial year.

“If Jay Weatherill and Bill Shorten continue to insist on imposing a price on carbon, South Australians will face ongoing rises like this for years to come.

“Jay Weatherill forced the Northern Power station to close despite repeated warnings that it would drive the price of power in South Australia through the roof.

“Had Jay Weatherill invested just $8 million a year, the Northern Power station would still be operating today and South Australians wouldn’t be facing the further hike in their bills they have been told about today.

“Jay Weatherill was more interested in experimenting with renewables than keeping electricity reliable and affordable.

“It is significant that Dr Finkel has adopted the State Liberals plan for a single clean energy target and the requirement for new renewable energy projects to have storage capacity.

“Dr Finkel’s report mirrors the understanding the State Liberals have of the problems engulfing South Australian’s electricity system.”